BONUS 1: What is your story?

Is it YOUR story?
Or are they the stories of the people who raised you?

Ask yourself:
Do I have strong judgments and a lot of criticism?

From the book:

“Jules expressed and showed his greatest talent, but he still couldn’t enjoy it enough. Because he kept repeating the stories of the past, as he remembered. He remained the child who had not been seen. And that’s how he treated himself.”

Despite all the fame and awards, Jules (in this book) did not see how loved he was and felt the emotions of the ‘neglected child’ again and again. Until he started letting that story go.

What becomes possible if you let go of the old story?

We are so busy with what everyone thinks of us and with what we think of everything and everyone and ourselves, that we no longer have time to live our lives. Then we spend a large part of our precious time in trance. Being in a trance means that our thoughts are ‘in the future’ or ‘in the past’. And then we are only in the here and now for a few hours. We have all become so used to this that no one notices it anymore.

But you are at your best when you are completely yourself. NOW and HERE.

Why I wanted to write this book?

“What does not kill me makes me stronger ” said Friedrich Nietschze.

One reason I wanted to write this book is that I want to take away the fear of the word TRAUMA. We make life hard by denying pain, which can make us stronger .

Once you acknowledge that you feel pain you can start letting go.

Someone wrote me that she was halfway through the book. “It’s nice to read how people with traumas come out of it so well! I think I haven’t had enough trauma so far!”

She has already undergone colon cancer surgery twice, but still says she has had ‘too little’  trauma.

Johan Cruijff (famous Dutch soccer player) would say: “You won’t see it until you realise it.” But you can also just see it as a different perception. You don’t have to see the pain in your life as trauma, but the fear of such operations does something to you.

Do you suffer from procrastination?

Procrastination is so tiring! Especially for yourself.
Do something about it!
It could be done in one session.

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