Abel (chapter 6) didn’t know his own desires any more. He did not remember his longing for family life after he lost it all. What was left was deep dark big sadness. He didn’t believe he himself could ever create a family, because those thoughts or feelings were covered with pain and the fear of losing someone you love. Now he is the father of a son and a daughter. How good is that! He was very resistant to the sessions, but knew somewhere that he had to get through this. By letting go of old pain and fear he created space and confidence in himself to love and receive again. 

And Jente (chapter 5), the girl who thought she was only good for running, had to take a break and stand still to feel her tiredness and to feel what she was running away from. Her believes of feeling not good enough kept her from living her own life. She had to find the memory that had created her limiting beliefs and let go of the pain, so she was able to move on.

We have a hard time giving in

We don’t like to give in and hold ourselves back.

You feel somewhere that you want something different. Deep down you still have a big dream, but part of you no longer believes that it can be any other way. Do you believe that you are worth more than the life you are living now? 

What’s holding you back is really not yours. But you learned somewhere that giving in to some desires is not good. Usually you don’t do that consciously at all. Sit down for a moment.

Are you also tough?

Do you also get tired of yourself?
It is not necessary.
It’s time to let it go.
It is SAFE to let it go.
Whatever happened.
The past is over.

A Dutch entrepreneur sent me this picture before he got into his bathtub on Saturday night

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