BONUS 5: And now it is your turn!

And now it's your turn. Learn how to tap on yourself. bonus 5 tap and let go.

Click on the image and view the PDF, which contains the assignments that you will find in the book in Chapter 10.

  • The 5th bonus is all about learning to tap on yourself.
  • In chapter 10 you got all the 24 questions together. 
  • So when you’ve answered the questions and made your lists, sit down and watch the video below.
  • At first just watch it.
  • And than the 2nd time you replay and tap along and than you continue.

It’s a matter of practice. Just like learning to walk, cycle, swim, do gymnastics or any other physical exercise. You and your body need some time to get used to it. Be patient with yourself and start doing it every day for one month, a few minutes a day. People are often too quick to say that something doesn’t work, without really trying long enough. You couldn’t walk straight away either, but suppose you gave up after falling 3 times. Then you would still be sitting today. See the pdf attachment to chapter 10,

Until the videos below are in English, you can watch this one:

There will be a new video in English soon here.

Do you have questions? Let us hear from you .

Tap along with bonus 5.

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